My dearest maa draped in six yards of grace in pristine white, softly humming and swaying to traditional Indian music, surrounded by regal antiques, as she beautifully laid down fresh bright yellow gendas in brass urlis, and the entire home smelled of rosewater. . . .
This memory is where lies the inception of Atman- a celebration of every woman's individuality, her unwavering strength, her unique choices, her subtle elegance  and of course the rich heritage of our beloved country.
With every garment we create here at Atman, our aim is to tweak the traditional Indian with just a hint of modern- to bring to your wardrobes, a timeless piece. From our light festive styles to wedding season favourites, we produce garments that you can’t wait to put on.
From exquisite craftsmanship to reinventing silhouettes, we believe it’s time to break the mould and celebrate yourself.
Choose Atman, Choose You!